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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Cycle Day 11 (Part II)

I've been renamed. I am now officially a "poor responder".

U/S today showed no growth from yesterday, and no new follies. E2 was an abysmal 196. The rest of the cycle was cancelled.

I know that there are two (supposedly) high quality follies in there, and I will probably ovulate on my own, so we can try on our own. Do it the old-fashioned way. Although that does sound like more fun than back-to-back IUIs, right now having sex isn't exactly at the top of my To Do list.

I asked about Reponex, he said I only need FSH. The only other thing he could recommend was a combo Clomid/Gonal-F cycle. So I'll call when I start again and we'll, well...start again.

Devin seemed willing to go ahead with another injectibles cycle right away, saying that now we had time to shop for meds in the next couple of weeks. No reason to wait. So that's the plan for now. Right now I need a drink.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger Tiff said...

I am SO sorry, Donna. I was really hoping that you would get better news today. FUCK!!!
That is great though that you and Devin are open to doing another cycle if need be.

At 4:37 AM, Blogger Ollie said...

Oh Donna, I am so sorry!!!! This sucks!!!! I am hoping for the two good follies to erupt with a healthy pop and a strong natural fertilization.

In the meantime, have a drink on me.


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