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Monday, October 04, 2004

Cycle Day 1

After an extremely nerve-wracking weekend that involved a recovering dog (he's doing fine, thank you) and a negative home pregnancy test, here I am at another CD1. Yes, the red tide of womanhood is upon me. The good news about that is I had an appointment to see Dr. T this afternoon on what turned out to be the first day of a new cycle, which is exactly when he wanted to see me. Funny how small victories can make all the difference in an otherwise shitty day.

As usual, something I never guessed has come up to put a monkey wrench in The Plan: I have a rather large cyst (mean of 26mm!!), so its possible I might not be able to start injectibles this month. But, Dr. T is hopeful it will resolve itself in the next 48 hours, he said my lining is still pretty thick -- I assume meaning I haven't released much of the endometrial layer yet -- and he wants to do another U/S on Wednesday morning. Gratis. Mighty nice of him. I showed him the box of Gonal-F I purchased myself (no RX required!) and he seemed a little surprised when I told him I had bought it from a stranger who had extra meds, but impressed when I told him I had only paid $300.

I asked him if I should buy more, since the multi-kit only has 14 doses, he said we could get 16 doses out of it, and that they would tailor the injection schedule so that I wouldn't need any more. I don't really understand that...if I don't respond well and he has to keep increasing the dosage, isn't it going to get used up? But, he's the doctor. Until told otherwise, I'll hold onto my hard-earned cash and try to put the hex on this cyst.


At 4:37 AM, Blogger Ollie said...

I will do my part to double the hex on the cyst.

((({{{{GO AWAY CYST}}}}))))


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